The Daily Routine

A theatrical exploration of life’s rituals through movement, song, and dance.

The nurse hangs up a new intravenous bag, and pours a glass of water. He makes the bed, gives an injection, dresses a wound, mixes powder in a glass, prepares pills. Brings a tray of food. Washes someone. Prepares a body for viewing. From the banal to the sacred, the repetition of these nursing rituals approaches the ancient rites surrounding life and death.

In ‘The Daily Routine’ the daily tasks of a nurse evolve into music and dance. In collaboration with the unique singer/dancer Kevin Skelton, Het Geluid Maastricht has rearranged interviews with the elderly, nurses, and residents of nursing homes. Interviews about modern life, getting old today, and dying form the basis for a timeless performance mixing everyday sounds with moving and comforting music.

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